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Neev Herbal Basil Essential Oil


Pure Essential Oil.


Formed in plant cells by the action of the sun, essential oils are reservoirs of solar healing power. They are the source of all fragrance in flowers, leafs, spices, fruits and aromatic woods and herbs. In a way, Essential OIls are the ultimate manifestation of a plant's joie de vivre, or enjoyment of life. Such aromas are invigorating both to body and mind, please the sense, and bring us in touch with nature wherever we encounter them.
Healing power of medicinal quality essential oils is extensive and profound. Each oil or oil combination has a distinct profile or personality that makes it useful not only for particular conditions, but also personality types.
Essential oils are believed to influence the body and mind through two principle pathways, through the skin and via the sense of smell.

Key Benefits

In diffuser, it purifies and cleanses the air, uplifts mood, clarifies mind, protects the body against pollution and air borne bacteria.


  • 100% Pure & Natural
  • No harsh ingredients or chemical preservatives
  • No wastage or pollution caused during the manufacturing process


Bottle containing Essential Oil - 8 gm / 10 ml.

Suggestions for Usage

Add a few drops in your hand wash / body wash / hair wash / body oil / bathing water / cleaning water / candle / diffuser. Put a few drops on your pillow.

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