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Yunadent Organic Toothpaste


Yunadent toothpaste / powder is β€œ100%” effective solution to cure.

  • Dental pain
  • Bleeding gums
  • Sensitive roots
  • Cavity cleaning
  • Loose dental strength
  • Removal of Tartar
  • Dental Polish

This wonderful tooth paste is also proven to be effective on all dental ailments, we have done several clinical trial in past 2 years and the best part of this tooth paste is that it also shines your teeth sparkling, gives 24 hours protection apart from its being a very effective as daily cleaning agent.

More effective before bed time

Organic Yunadent is more effective if used properly for 2 minutes with soft brush before going to bed. It works whole night and prevents all sorts of dental problems, especially very well for children.

Key ingredients are Organic

Every thing in universe is basically a chemical, there are two types of chemicals one naturally derived and other non- naturally, when they are natural they do not harm and if they are non-naturally derived which means either synthetic or non-organic way , they tend to develop some harmful effects too. Today one and all want things to be natural and organic in nature.
Yunadent – Organic tooth powder has Key ingredients organic. To make it user friendly a conventional tooth paste making ingredients are added. Key Ingredients are - Anacyslus Pyrethrum, Carophylus Aromaticus, Qurecus Infectoria, Juglan Regia Mimusops Elengi, Aloevera, Barleria Prionitis, as a matter of fact these organic ingredients plays very effective role in the complete process to be an effective home remedy as well as daily usable dental cleaning agent. Try it to believe it.

Take a bit

Since Yunadent organic tooth paste is very effective in its performance hence you need to take Just a bit, unlike the conventional tooth paste. Just cover only ΒΌ part of your tooth brush with this paste. It saves your money too, ideally it is equivalent to 4 times of the conventional tooth paste.

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