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A flowery shaped vegetable, white in color with green leaves. The entire florets are edible. The green leaves at the base are also edible and have a stronger flavor. Cauliflowers are available all year round.


  • White is the most common cauliflower,
  • Orange variety contains more Vitamin A than the white one. It is slightly sweet and rich in beta carotene.
  • Green cauliflower is available in Europe and US.
  • Purple cauliflower that gets its color from the presence of anthocyanin. It is rich in tannins and preferred to be eaten raw.

Health Benefits

  • Rich in dietary fiber that help maintain a healthy digestive system
  • Helps prevent stomach cancer and ulcer
  • High amount of antioxidants and therefore helps against cardiovascular disease
  • Ability to eliminate cancer enzymes
  • Anti inflammatory and helps prevent arthritis, obesity and other inflammation mediated diseases
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